Maximize your higher ed content management strategy with digital asset management

Your digital assets (photos, videos, audio, PDFs, web pages, presentations, and more) are needed and used by multiple departments and stakeholders – many beyond the marketing group at your institution. So, how can you connect the right people with the right content, in the right format on demand?

When you have digital asset management (DAM) needs, there’s no better way to address them than by listening to the experiences of others. Especially those in your industry who understand the unique challenges you’re facing and meet them head on every day.

Here are the topics we’ll cover:

- Best practices for metadata, search, and user governance

- Using DAM to keep your college brand consistent across all channels.

- How to migrate existing assets from disparate locations to a centralized DAM system

- The role and characteristics of a good DAM administrator

- How to maintain your DAM system and keep your users engaged

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Experience level:
Somewhere in the middle—intermediate level, unite!
cjc85's picture
Manager of Digital Assets, Marketing Group, University Communications
Cornell University
Corey Chimko manages over half a million digital assets for Cornell University Photography, part of the university's Marketing Group. Corey specializes in large volume, high speed, high accuracy asset processing and marketing workflows for higher education. Corey has evolved Cornell's DAM into the go-to content hub for a variety of audiences, including marketing and communications staff, design firms, and external media.

Sam Schnepf

Customer Experience Manager

Since joining Widen in 2012, Sam has worked closely with Widen customers like Cornell University to ensure they get the very best out of their DAM system from implementation to long-term maintenance and everything in between. In addition to working hand-in-hand with customers to create, communicate, and enforce DAM processes, Sam also leads many general DAM user and DAM administrative trainings, customer-wide Webinars and sessions at the Annual Widen Summit each year. Sam helps to highlight common struggles that customers face and brings to light solutions that any company, no matter the industry or size, can apply to their DAM system. Twitter Handle: @SamSchnepf