Fantastic memes and how to use them

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For over a year I have been collecting data on Image Macros (more commonly known as "Internet Memes") to accrue data and answer questions about "correct usage" of these memes, and also to learn what sentiments they individually convey. To date, I have collected over 20,000 samples in the wild. Since the meanings of individual memes are emergent properties defined by their usage, if one is to "define" a meme, having a large dataset of usage would be the best approach. 

Although the presentation will not address specifics about how to integrate memes into a university marketing campaign, or the best ways to engage students with them, it will focus instead on how to use them accurately and appropriately so that audience members should leave the presentation feeling informed about how to make their own decisions regarding meme usage.

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Programmer / Analyst
Cornell University SHA

Aaron lives in sunny upstate NY, best known for its sandy beaches and year-round warm weather. By day, he converts a trade-secret-protected mixture of snark and caffeine into backend web code (Rails & PHP) for SHA (formerly: "School of Hotel Administration"). He is an avid fan of Internet Culture, most recently "GifSound" (animated gifs mashed up with audio clips), and this whole Meme Research project began in 2014 with the question "What is the difference between Uncomfortable Situation Seal and Socially Awkward Penguin?"